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    Login WebHelper is a program to build and manage dynamic web site.
It grants full functionality and freedom for designer decisions. The user is high aided in inserting new objects in his pages.


   Login Real Estates is a program to manage a real estates company with ability to connect between two or more offices, sending data for estates to site and accept data from sites. In this module has been integrated security system Login Security Manager.


    Login Oil is used in gas stations, shops, warehouses. In module is integrated system for invoice Login Invoice Manager and the system for security Login Security Manager.


   Login Invoice Manager is program for creating invoices appropriate with last Bulgarian laws.


    Login PawnShop Manager is a program to manage pawn shop. It controls cash and stock availabilities. It follows contracts for pawn, interest etc. In the packet is included security system module Login Security Manager.


    Login Customer Managers main function is to operate with customers. Its suited for casinos, hotels and other companies with direct customer servicing.

In the packet is included security system module Login Security Manager.


    Login Fiscal Devices is designed to manage companies fiscal devices.
In this module is integrated invoice system Login Invoice Manager and security system Login Security Manager.


  Login Security Manager is module which can be integrated in every our product.
It grants security of the information. It gives ease for customer to setup different levels of access to systems.

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